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Together with Johanna Pruessing and Vedran Sekara we wrote an extended opinion/research piece on the potential for furthering societal inequalities that comes with relying on smartphones for contact tracing.


I presented our work on political ads during the RUMP session at FAT* in Barcelona.


ProPublica did an incredible job with their article that describes our new technical report, but also extends the experiments and presents the work in a much richer context than I could wish for. Thank you!


We released some of the data from the Copenhagen Networks Study, find it here.


Our new technical report "Ad Delivery Algorithms: The Hidden Arbiters of Political Messaging" is now out and the Washington Post coverage is making rounds on Twitter!


Our paper "Discrimination through optimization: How Facebook's ad delivery can lead to biased outcomes" won the Diversity and Inclusion Award as well as an Honorable Mention at CSCW 2019.


I'm now an Associate Research Scientist at Northeastern.